Case History


Refrigeration appliances use CFCs or HCFCs gases and low viscosity grade synthetic oils as lubricants in compressors / engines.

CFCs ( chlorofluorocarbons ) are hydrocarbons. They are no longer in use in new refrigeration equipment because of the danger for ozone layer. They are harmful due to the presence of chlorine gas CFCs commonly colorless , odorless or with a faint odor of ether , non-flammable , chemically stable without any toxic action ;

HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons ) compared to CFCs contain less chlorine and hydrogen and they are less harmful to ozone layer. These compounds, however, are more toxic than the CFC counterparts ;

LUBRICANTS : High performance synthetic oils are created to lubrificate compressors and refrigeration systems that use CFC or HCFC refrigerants because of high lubrification power and high thermal and oxidation stability . In many cases they are used in combination with CFCs and HCFCs.

Tred Livorno improve safety and quality of life by high investment in top technologies. By recycle of WEEE, we aim to produce raw materials. Our main goal is the environmental benefit coming from sustainability and excellence.

Our product is Oil-absorbent and water-repellent and is 100% made by recycled polyurethane.
Purygreen is created to absorb all kind of oil, fuel, paint, solvent and many kind of chemicals.